Tired of endlessly searching the internet for answers to your social media questions?

What if you could just ask an experienced pro?

I'd love that!

You see all of these businesses growing with social media – and you want some of that secret sauce!

But no matter what you try, you pick up a few Likes (thanks Mom!), maybe a comment, or worst of all … crickets. 😕

Meanwhile you’ve got lots of followers, but your posts aren’t even being shown to them! 😡

 Ready to leave that frustration behind? 😡😖


You’re ready for Five Minute Social Media Pro.

I’m sorry but I just can’t help myself. It just keeps getting better and better and I still have not yet implemented everything I learned from you! I am amazed. Thank you, thank you!

Jan Brown

What stage are you in?


Five Minute Social Media Pro is designed to move you along a path to success through different stages, no matter where you are currently.

Stage 1: Foreign

You believe social media can grow your business, but it’s all very foreign to you. You don’t even use social media for personal reasons.

Stage 2: Focusing

You have a general understanding of social media because you’ve used it for personal reasons, but haven’t successfully used it for your business. Time to focus on a plan!

Stage 3: Freework

You have at least one social media network for your business, and you get engagement, but you have no proof it’s driving any revenue (so you’re “working” for free).

Stage 4: Funding

You are doing well on at least one social media network, including earning revenue from it (funding)! You’re ready to multiply your revenue by increasing what’s working.

Stage 5: Formulating

You are earning great revenue from at least one social media network, so you start formulating a strategy to repeat that success on another channel.

Stage 6: Flourishing

Your social media marketing is flourishing, achieving your goals and bringing in revenue. You know enough to outsource or delegate the task to a team member.

When you become a member of Five Minute Social Media Pro, we’ll help you confirm which stage you are in right now.

Then you’ll get immediate direction on what you should focus on next so you’re always making progress.


Beta enrollment ended July 17th.

Five Minute Social Media Pro will launch again in September. Want to be notified first?

What’s included?

As a member of Five Minute Social Media Pro, you’ll receive these four deliverables every month:

Monthly Masterclass

Each month Jerry will teach a new masterclass, each designed to improve your results no matter what stage you’re in. The topics will be chosen based on member interest and need.

Office Hours

Twice per month you’ll be able to ask Jerry any question you’d like during Office Hours. Can’t make it live? You can submit your question ahead of time and catch the replay.

What's Working Now

With social media in constant flux, Jerry updates you on “what’s working now.” The focus will be on what’s working – not just what’s released – so you can be ahead of the curve.

Surprise Bonus!

Each month will come with a surprise bonus, all designed to improve your workflow and results! See the FAQs below for possible bonuses (although some will remain surprises!). 

Jerry really simplifies it all and makes the entire process less overwhelming. I finally have the tools and understanding to post confidently and stop wasting my time on posts that won’t move the needle. Rebecca Ellison

Who is FMSM Pro Not for?

Five Minute Social Media Pro is NOT for you if you don’t believe that social media can grow your business. I want to guide you, help when you get stuck, do all I can to get you results, but it is important that you believe social media can grow your business so that you’re ready to do what it takes!

Five Minute Social Media Pro is NOT for you if you’re looking for an instant solution. It’s not a magic pill or a lottery ticket. Social media works, but it requires work to get it going.

Five Minute Social Media Pro is NOT for anyone who doesn’t enjoy having some fun. Yes it’s work, but we’re going to have a great time doing it!


Beta enrollment ended July 17th.

Five Minute Social Media Pro will launch again in September. Want to be notified first?

Who is behind Five Minute Social Media Pro?

I’ve seen so many entrepreneurs right on the edge of social media success – they often just need a direction to focus in and a few small tweaks.

My name is Jerry Potter and I love serving thousands of busy business owners through the Five Minute Social Media YouTube channel! Five Minute Social Media Pro is for those who are ready to get results faster.

I’m also the Creative Director and Chief Marketing Officer for a Seattle based marketing agency, and the same tactics we use for agency clients can work for your business too.

When I’m not working, I spend time with my wife and two tiny superheroes, and I’m on a quest to prove Diet Coke is actually good for me.

Got questions?
What does it mean to be a beta member?

It means that we are still building and testing the membership. By joining as a beta member you get to help shape the direction FMSM Pro goes, and you get to join at a super-low price that will never be offered to the public again.

Even though we’re still building and testing, you’ll get everything you’ve been promised.

How long is the commitment?

Five Minute Social Media Pro is a monthly membership and you can cancel anytime before the end of each month. The goal is to help you grow your business over time, month after month, but you can cancel anytime.

What happens next after I join?

Every week I’ll send you an update on how the build is going. You’ll also get an invite to join the new FMSM Pro private Facebook group.

On August 1st the membership will go live! You’ll be able to login to confirm what stage you are in right now with your social media marketing, and get immediate direction on where you should focus next.

Why is there a deadline to enroll? Isn't the membership ongoing?

The membership is ongoing! But every time we open it to new members that requires a lot of work from my team and I. By only opening it at certain times, that allows us more time to serve the people already in the membership.

What will I get by being a member?

The membership will contain four main things every month:

  1. A monthly masterclass where we’ll go deep on a subject to advance your social media marketing.
  2. Office Hours: Twice a month you can get help with any question that has you stuck.
  3. What’s Working Now: Social media is always changing so we’ll keep you up to date on what’s working so you don’t need to spend time worrying about it.
  4. Surprise Bonus: Each month will have a surprise bonus. See the question below for examples.

In addition to those four deliverables there will be numerous other perks like a private Facebook Group, discounted one-on-one coaching and more.

What do you mean by "surprise bonus?"

Are you the type of person that peeks at their birthday presents? Don’t you like surprises? 😁

They will vary from month to month and any that are popular could become regular membership perks, but a few we’re considering:

  • Quarterly Social Media Content Calendars pre-filled with mass appeal post ideas
  • Feedback Months where members can submit anything they want for feedback from my team and I (could be social media posts, ads, email copy, landing pages, etc.)
  • Makeover Months where members submit one of their social media channels and we do a makeover on it to optimize it for profit, recorded so everyone can learn from it
What kind of support will I receive?

At a minimum, twice a month there will be office hours where you can ask for help on anything. In addition you can always ask the community in the Facebook group.

Also, one of the great things about being a beta member is that there should be more individualized attention for everyone.

How long with the masterclasses be?

They will usually be about an hour including some Q&A at the end.

How much time will I need to spend on social media to be effective?

This is an area we can explore in the membership because there is no one-size-fits-all answer.

Once they find what works, some businesses can have very effective social media in a few hours a month, plus some time each day for outward engagement.

On the other end if you are a content creator like I am (I put out a new YouTube video every week), it can take much longer.

I want to help members focus on the right parts of their social media marketing so there is less wasted time.

What social media networks will be covered in the membership?

We’ll cover whatever members are interested, but the primary ones are likely to be Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and some Twitter (those are the ones people tend to ask about the most).

Some networks almost have multiple networks with in them, for example Facebook breaks down into personal pages, business pages and groups.

I know this isn’t for everyone. Some people want to spend endless hours Googling for answers to their questions, just hoping the answer they find is semi-relevant to their situation.

If you’ve got better things to do than waste time searching for the answers, join me in Five Minute Social Media Pro. 


Beta enrollment ended July 17th.

Five Minute Social Media Pro will launch again in September. Want to be notified first?

Got a question not answered above? Message us on Facebook here or reply to the email you got from me anytime!